Living Lab

Information on the Living Lab

In order to understand the needs and requirements for security in the smart home, we would like to explore different households' current usage and security practices. A Living Lab is a long-term experimental learning environment in which the participating homes work with us to explore aspects of home privacy, the devices used, and the perceived risks. At the same time, the technologies and concepts developed within the framework of the project will be tested, evaluated and further developed.

Households wanted!

Für das Living Lab suchen wir Haushalte, die uns aktiv bei der Forschung und Entwicklung eines nützlichen und gebrauchstauglichen Tool zur Unterstützung bei Sicherheitsaufgaben von Smart Home-Technologien unterstützen möchten und daran interessiert sind, ihr Smart Home sowie damit entstehenden Datenspuren besser zu verstehen.

If you are interested in participating in our Living Lab, please send us an email: